CSpace is no longer in active development. Information here is for historical purposes only. Most links DO NOT WORK.

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What is CSpace?
CSpace is a new, secure method for communication. Please visit the official site at
My work on CSpace

Please send an email to the user list or contact me directly at tazgen [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions or problems.

Ncrypt RPM

CSpace build 0.1.27

CSpace build 0.1.26

CSpace build 0.1.24

CSpace Alpha ebuild 0.1:

General information

The rpm was created with no dependency information. Also, it has not been tested and requires that the package file be downloaded as separately.

Installing the ebuild

NOTE: This requires ncrypt to be installed

Set up a portage overlay:

# mkdir /usr/local/portage

# echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage"' >> /etc/make.conf

Create portage directories:

# mkdir /usr/local/portage/app-crypt

# mkdir /usr/local/portage/app-crypt/cspace

Download the ebuild (or move it to this directory)

# cd /usr/local/portage/app-crypt/cspace

# wget

Digest the ebuild:

# ebuild (ebuildfile) digest

Emerge cspace:

# emerge -av cspace

Run cspace:

# cspace